Well I haven’t posted here in a while.


Above, a video by Rosebell Kagumire, a Ugandan multimedia journalist who works on ”media, women, peace and conflict issues.” She writes, “This is me talking about the danger of portraying people with one single story and using old footage to cause hysteria when it could have been possible to get to DRC and other affected countries get a fresh perspective and also include other actors.”

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Tumblr’s gotten really boring now, its mostly just middle class white people telling other middle class white people to check their privilage and teenager girls complaining that society oppresses them by making them wear social appropriate clothes

I support the Neturei Karta to the fullest extent.

G-d is our King,
Him do we serve

The Torah is our Law
And in it we believe.
We do not recognize the heretical Zionist regime.
Its laws do not apply to us.
We will go in the ways of the Torah
In fire and water.
We walk in the ways of Torah
To sanctify the Name of Heaven

This makes me incredibly happy.

Why do I even have one of these?
Is it to inflate my ego ?